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white shoes with rubber soles, which in field of shoes is no longer fresh presents, but is such a simple combination of every year attracts a lot of sneakerhead, and Nike SportsWear is in the early summer of the year. "White hot" theme, for its lunar force 1, Blazer Mid, dunk sb low brought the present, and overwhelmed by despite the sweltering summer heat has passed, but the heat continues unabated, another classical Air Force 1 have the same experience; it is reported that the color about landing Nike SportsWear retail store, please look forward to. source: capsule2010 FIFA World Cup official match ball "Jabulani" Chinese shoes Network News December 6, 2010 in South Africa before the Wo cheap jordans online rld Cup draw ceremony, South Africa World Cup ball officially opened the truth, paragraph 11 official, called "Jabulani" ball is used on the history of World Cup with the ball. The new sphere technology "Grip'n'Groove" to build South Africa carnival feast Cape Town / Hezuo December 4, 2009 - Today, adidas and FIFA In Cape Town, South Africa jointly released the official 2010 World Cup ball "JABULANI". "JABULANI" from the African Zulu language, meaning "celebrate." The new game made a historic breakthrough in technology with the ball, the design is integrated into the South African elements. From December 5, "JABULANI" will be listed simultaneously in major global adidas retail outlets. Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping "JABULANI" Adidas uses newly developed "Grip'n'Groove" sphere, so that the ball can always maintain a stable flight path in all weather conditions, thereby greatly enhancing the players on the football control. "JABULANI" breakthrough epidermis composed by only eight, Adidas first spherical molding method so that each one can achieve the three-dimensional structure of the skin, then the thermal bonding technology splicing is completed, so that the new round ball more than ever, running more accurate. name: "JABULANI" from the Bantu languages ??of Zulu. As the Republic of South Africa's 11 official languages ??in one, which is about 25% of South Africa's mother tongue. "JABULANI" literal Cheap air jordan 12 ovo translation is "celebrate" (to celebrate). Football represents passion one can integrate the world, "JABULANI" as the new World Cup ball's name, a good interpretation of this passion, invited fans around the world share the summer of next year will be held in South Africa this football feast. Design: As the first 11 Adidas World Cup ball, "JABULANI" in the design of 11 different colors. 11 colors also represent each football team composed of players from the 11, while South Africa has 11 tribal implication and 11 official languages. South Africa is one of the countries with the largest nation on the African continent, the colors interpretation of its diverse and harmonious unity of ethn cheap jordans for sale ic characteristics. Four triangular pattern white sphere confers "JABULANI" full of the spirit of Africa's unique appearance, while some personalized design, such as a sphere shape resembles Soccer City stadium in Johannesburg pattern, then highlight South Africa's beautiful. dimensional epidermis: 2010 FIFA World Cup match ball in technology to achieve a historic breakthrough: the composition of a sphere eight epidermis using a combination of EVA and TPU material, and the way to achieve spherical molding three-dimensional structure, which can perfectly wrap the ball liner, so football unprecedented roundness. Adidas invite players from around the world to "JABULANI" conducted a test to cheap jordan shoes for men play, the players get positive evaluation: Barak: "Very nice, the ball can do precisely what I want . " Cech:." You can feel the power of it when oncoming towards you, as the bullets collide " Lampard:" Very strong football, really a hit in " Kaka:" For me, the ball touch is the most important, the ball feels great " "Grip'n'Groove" sphere: aerodynamic recess (Aero grooves): According to the aerodynamics, "Grip'n'Groove" sphere embedded in place clearly visible aerodynamic recess, so that "JABULANI" Adidas has become the most stable in history, the most accurate football. Loughborough University in the UK and Germany ??????????? Das massive than laboratory testing and numerous wind tu Retro jordans for sale nnel tests have proved this point. Advanced Micro relief surface (Grip): Following last year's European Cup introduced a unique texture sphere, Adidas's new World Cup ball sphere, there has been innovation. "JABULANI" excellent ultra-relief skin design, further enhance the overall control of the ball players in different weather conditions. Adidas always cooperate in the development and testing of products in the process and the world's top athletes. Its partners AC Milan, Bayern Munich, Orlando Pirates and Ajax Cape Town in 2008, participated in the testing of the Adidas "JABULANI" conducted, and make recommendations for the spherical structure and material selection. Adidas will always Cheap air jordans for sale spare no effort to invite its partners to participate in product development and manufacturing, continue to provide the market with the best football products. As the world's leading football brand, adidas experience in football manufacturing is unparalleled. Adidas from 1963 to begin production of football, always stand in the forefront of technological innovation. Since 1970, Adidas provides the game ball for all major UEFA and FIFA tournaments and has become the 2010 and 2014 FIFA World Cup official partner. Adidas will continue to develop innovative, to further expand its leading position in the international football market, we are committed to providing the best soccer equipment f cheap foamposites or all professional and amateur footballers. It is reported that Adidas has already started to prepare the race in 2014 will be used in the Brazilian World Cup ball. earlier tech fleece material modified models of Air Presto overwhelmed again new change offer, is still retain the classic styling, only will "denim" leather shoes material to become familiar with the alternative, for this pair of sports shoes into a little leisure elements; shoes is expected in 2016 annual debut, at present there is no release with offering information, please concern when customer follow-up report. source: ComplexTop 1, Air Jordan 11 Low BaronsTaobao price: fry about 1500 RMB (42) This pair of sell more is cheap jordans for sale mens said, the biggest winner recently, in the first row up ahead of the scheduled annual fire AJ11 low color. you ... Top 2, Yeezy 350 V2 Cream WhiteTaobao price: fry about 3400 RMB (42) offering so far, Taobao stores monthly sales still hundreds of pairs of 's first white color is very fresh, the volume of large fry price decline. 3000 can also bite the bullet and chop hands, is near universal and coconut is a good thing, should. Top 3, Air Jordan 4 Pure MoneyTaobao price: fry about 1400 RMB (42) everyone on the white sneakers especially love, pure money a wonderful talk too much, in this position is not wrong. Top 4, Air Jordan 11 Low UNCTaobao price: fry about 1200 RM Retro jordans for sale B (42) refreshing invincible North Carolina blue, again after a lapse of 16 years, meets AJ faithful obsession with classic. Top 5, Nike Vapormax Day To NightTaobao price: fry about 1700 RMB (42) to win Day To Night multi color series, has 5 choices from morning to night. Top 6, Air Jordan 13 Low Pure MoneyTaobao price: fry about 1400 RMB (42) pure Pure Money theme, is also pretty good collocation gray suede. Top 7, Air Jordan 4 Motosports white and blue color AJ4 recently are still hot, engraved good law. Top 8, Adidas EQT 93/17 Boost dioxide Yin and YangTaobao price: 2100 RMB fry (42 yards) In addition to foot guards, this pair with visual 〉 white a while ago, the famous French fashion brand Balenciaga (Balenciaga) and IKEA suddenly forced a tear, how do clothes and furniture to tear up? Don't be ignorant of force, you look at Balenciaga 2017 spring and summer bag know the familiar blue, with bright yellow, can not help but make amazing friends. This TM is not the IKEA of the two shopping bags?! you know, IKEA bag only sell a few yuan, to 1695 euros this Balenciaga handbag... Therefore, IKEA also made a satirical advertisement balenciaga. "Teach you to identify the true IKEA!" many users have to stand up, put the IKEA handbag into a different fashion items. You say backpack special fan mask Single shoulder bag with rhubarb and great blue bags at the same time change Jun also found a fruit transformation rainshoes, to highlight the IKEA down to earth take the big blue bag down to earth shoes can do more than this one netizen. Recently, in the United States The Shoe Surgeon custom shoes surgeon, down to earth and down to earth IKEA Nike finally met, launched a brain hole wide open suit ... well, if we put a very gentleman. The package is divided into a piece made by IKEA bag blue jacket, and a pair of big blue IKEA bag for the elements of Air Jordan 1. is the most attractive double Air Jordan 1 people should. The bottom surface or the bottom surface of the bottom, in shock, the difference between AJ1 and foot on the market should not, it is hoped that the air cushion ...But is really IKEA shoe big blue bag made of the upper Nike Duigou standard use of bright yellow, is the style of IKEA. ankle around a circle of blue ribbon handbags, blue and yellow is nice. The key is to be able to see all the way from "the shoe was made by IKEA!" "This shoe is AJ1!". But IKEA also pretentiously produced a set of instructions for use ~ in general, this set a spoof of the purpose is achieved, teach people to identify the real purpose is to IKEA bag. IKEA and Nike do not seem to meet but. The IKEA x Nike suite has started selling on-line, the global limited only 10 sets, the price of $1500. A line is not about seconds...

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